FRACTURED LAND [2012 Documentary]

A modern Indigenous warrior. A Goliath industry. A fractured land. 

All Caleb Behn ever wanted was to teach his future kids to hunt in the traditional lands of his people. Now he’s entangled in a global struggle against the multi-billion-dollar oil and gas industry and the government interests that protect it.

Fractured Land tells the story of  young Dene warrior from northeastern British Columbia, Canada, taking on Big Oil and Gas to protect his land and people from the ravages of neocolonialism - all the while learning to accept the role he was born for, as one of Canada’s next generation of leaders.

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A Radio Documentary by Dustin McGladrey – “Into The Roots”

New across our desk is this radio documentary by journalist Dustin McGladrey on Indigenous musicians in rock and blues.

A young, new journalist, Dustin McGladrey, recently shared a radio documentary which features insights from several Indigenous artists like Murray Porter, Derek Miller, and John Kim Bell.

In this documentary, Dustin talks to numerous Indigenous artists about the state of Indigenous music now and what might come in the future, with a majority of the interviews having taken place during the weekend of the 2012 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards in Vancouver, B.C.

Great interviews with some of Turtle Island’s greatest artists make this a great addition to the journalism section of Indigenous music culture. Props out to Dustin for stepping up and sharing this piece with us.

Listen to Dustin’s radio doc at by clicking this link.

Tom Jackson Travels to Attawapiskat By: | Photo: Tom Jackson

Legendary Cree singer, musician, actor and activist Tom Jackson visited the northern community of Attawapiskat as the last stop of his 2011 Christmas tour. He brought a camera crew with him, including Algonquin filmmaker Caroline Monnet, and here is the short, moving documentary they created about their visit.

Late last year Canadian media focused on the poor living conditions in Attawapiskat as community leaders and the Federal Government clashed. Tom Jackson decided to bring his music to the embattled community, to meet the people living there and to talk with Chief Theresa Spence. He shares facts on Canada’s treatment of Indigenous people and his thoughts on the present circumstances as well as his hopes for the future.

“We as human beings must make change. We all need to bring awareness to the living conditions of the people of Attawapiskat. We can no longer let children grow up in unacceptable conditions or deny them the best opportunities available. Unfortunately the story of Attawapiskat echoes that of many First Nation communities in our home and Native land. It is unacceptable that we have 3rd world conditions in a country as rich and proud as Canada. I pray that there is a will and a determination to change for the better.”

Watch Attawapiskat at now by clicking here.

Check out this trailer for the new documentary “Sousa on the Rez” which aims to challenge the stereotypes Indigenous music. The archival footage is something to see!

When you hear the phrase “Native American music” you may not think of tubas, trumpets and Sousa marches. Yet this rich musical tradition has been a part of Native American culture for over one hundred years. “Sousa on the Rez: Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum” is a half hour documentary that offers viewers an unexpected and engaging picture of this little-known Native music scene. The film challenges viewers to expand their definition of Native American music and broadens their understanding of contemporary Indian life. Enjoy this excerpt - the film is schedule for completion later in 2012.

Last night, the documentary Music is the Medicine had its Canadian broadcast debut on APTN after the film successfully toured the festival circuit for the last six weeks. Here at RPM we were thrilled to see Music is the Medicine on the little screen, and celebrated it reaching viewers across Canada.

It’s a great film with a great story – a slice of the life that Mohawk blues artist Derek Miller lives.

Because RPM’s beginnings are thanks to this film, we’ve been proudly sharing Music is the Medicine content for the past two months. Last night’s broadcast brings that thread of content to a close – but don’t worry, we’ll still be bringing you the latest and greatest on Derek as he is always up to something good.

Interested in more? Here’s what RPM has shared during this time:

Music is the Medicine: The Derek Miller Story - a brief history on the origins of RPM and our ties to the film.

RPM at imagineNATIVE 2011 – RPM was in Toronto to present the world premiere of the film at the 2011 imagineNATIVE festival.

RPM Podcast #011: “Music is the Medicine” - an entire episode of the RPM podcast dedicated to the man himself, featuring an exclusive, in depth interview with Derek.

Rod Ruel Talks Music is the Medicine - another exclusive interview, this time with the film’s producer Rod Ruel on his experience making the film.

We hope you enjoyed the film as much as we do!

Rod Ruel is the producer of the new documentary Music is the Medicine that follows Six Nations blues-rocker Derek Miller and has its broadcast debut next week on APTN. RPM talks to Rod about the making of the documentary, the feedback so far and some words of wisdom for young filmmakers.