Cris Derksen and Kristi Lane Sinclair on 2-Er

Electro-cellist Cris Derksen and smokey-folky Kristi Lane Sinclair are pairing up for the second year in a row on a Canadian tour – The Red Ride 2-Er.

With a kick-off party that took place in Vancouver last night, half-Cree Cris Derksen and Haida Kristi Lane Sinclair are now on their way to Toronto and back bringing their mix of music and style to Banff, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg (as part of 8 Days in May, eh!) and Regina.

In a recent interview with Music CBC, the girls talked travel and touring with Kim Wheeler. Like “What is the one thing you cannot live without on the road?

Cris: Always pack a swimsuit, you never know when you’re gonna be in a hot tub or by a lake, and sometimes wearing your undies in said scenarios just doesn’t work! Also, swimming is great for stretching those car muscles after sitting for hours and hours.
Kristi: Dry shampoo! Most days we would have to spend the whole day in the car and then perform right after. The ability to go from greasy to glam is a pretty awesome option!

To check out the rest of the interview, and to look up the Red Ride 2-er dates, click this link!

In episode 12, RPM looks at language revitalization. Half of the world’s languages have dissapeared in the past 500 years and today a language goes extinct every two weeks on average. Indigenous languages are the ones most at risk - which has inspired Indigenous musicians to take up the struggle to save them.

Our host Ostwelve speaks with three artists who are working on revitilizing their ancestral languages. Miss Christie Lee of the Musqueam Nation raps in Hun’qumi’num’ and shares what her culture means to her and how she sought guidance from her elders on creating music in her language. Tall Paul, of Point of Contact, raps in Anishnaabemowin.  Tall Paul describes discovering more of his culture through his college language course and using hip-hop to adapt Indigenous languages to new avenues. Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson, who sings in the language of Haida, hopes listeners can get to a different place, even if they don’t understand the words, and she shares how by singing in our Indigenous lanugage we are connecting with our ancestors.

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