We’re creating something [young Indigenous people] could identify with. People owned it…They were able to say, ‘This is something that represents me.’ It’s stuff everyone listens to, whether it’s dubstep or moombahton, or whatever, it’s something within that culture that reflects me, and that I can identify with. It’s something that all of us didn’t have growing up. Now, to be creating this for our generation and the generation now who are going to grow up having music they can identify with, it’s something positive.

What does A Tribe Called Red do after rocking a solid tour across Europe? They kick ass on another solid tour across North America. Check out their North American tour dates and peeps the latest video from the boys.

Don’t miss A Tribe Called Redin one of these cities during the next month. We’re glued to our computers because we’ve heard from a little birdie that they’re going to be releasing new tracks and mixes that they recorded while they were across the pond - stay tuned to their tweets for that.  

Nov 2nd – Winnipeg @ Aboriginal Music Week (buy tickets)

Nov 3rd – Regina @ The Exchange (buy tickets)

Nov 4th - Saskatoon @ Amigos Cantina (tickets at the door)

Nov 7th - Edmonton @ Temple (buy tickets)

Nov 8th - Calgary @ Hi-Fi Club (buy tickets)

Nov 9th - Vancouver @ Fortune Sound Club (buy tickets)

Nov 11th - Victoria @ Sugar Nightclub

Nov 17th - Brooklyn @ Glasslands (buy tickets)

Nov 19th - Philadelphia @ Fluid Nightclubs Mad Decent Mondays Nov 22nd - Washington @ U-Hall

"the battle is getting hotter" - by Bear Witness

A Tribe Called Red’s Bear Witness is back with a hypnotic new video mashup of movie clips juxtaposing some deadly ‘savage warriorism’ with a confused looking Colin Farrell, old school native appropriation…and then the knives come out…

The battle is definitely getting hotter.

Happy Thankstaking!

DOWNLOAD: A Tribe Called Red ft. Boogat – “Morire Otra Dia”

A solid Trap-inspired co-lab between Ottawa favorites A Tribe Called Red and Montreal-based producer Boogat.

This week’s #RPMDownload Tuesday features a recently released collaboration between Ottawa-based producers A Tribe Called Red and Montreal-based vocalist/writer/producer Boogat. This track is already a couple weeks old and you may have already seen it floating around the interwebs, and we couldn’t pass up a chance to share it with you.

From Boogat’s website, “A few weeks back, my friends from A Tribe Called Red sent me an awesome Trap-inspired beat and we teamed up for this great collabo: Morire Otro Dia.The song is about the daily doubts of human beings and the fact that we just need to keep it going, day after day.”

Translated, ‘Morire Otro Dia’ becomes ‘Die Another Day.’

Get it now: Download A Tribe Called Red ft. Boogat – “Morire Otra Dia” on RPM.fm

Ghosts in the Archive: DJ Bear Witness & Jackson 2Bears

"Media artist and VJ Jackson 2Bears was in Banff recently with A Tribe Called Red‘s Bear Witness for the Source National Media Arts Summit. At their Electric Powwow event in the Club, they talked about where they get their material, and what all those old cowboys and indians movies mean to them.”

So dope.


Although we shouldn’t even be having this conversation in this day and age, please vote yes to change the name of the Nepean Redskins. 

It’s small battles like this that win the war for equity and fairness.  Ian aka DEEJAY NDN of A Tribe Called Red has even gone so far as offering to help raise funds to phase the name out over the next five years. In a neighboring community, the youth football club changed their name from Redskins to Storm back in 1997.

Please tell the Ottawa Sun this is offensive, racist, and unacceptable, and share.