Talking Stick Festival 2012


My sister just called and it turns out she’s performing during the festival! She’s buying my ticket and I will be heading over for her Thursday Mar 1st performance before heading to Maple Ridge on the 2nd for the UAYC forum! Aboriginal liiiife!

Her groups performance…


Choreographer: Starr Muranko (Starrwind Dance Projects)

Performed by: Jeanette Kotowich, Sasha Rochon & Starr Muranko

This piece spans the personal and historical lives of seven generations of Cree women from the Moose Cree First Nation in Northern Ontario and weaves together their stories as seen through the eyes of their grand-daughter.

As a choreographer I am interested in exploring themes connected to land, place, identity and the thread that weaves our lives intricately with the lives and stories of our Ancestors and of future generations. I am intensely curious about the stories that we carry within our DNA, within our bones, our flesh, our ways of being in the world.I value the practice of being present, of honouring our ceremonies and protocols and the shared experience that transcends our perceived limitations of time and space.